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Re: MIPS 64?

To: "Matthew Dharm" <>
Subject: Re: MIPS 64?
From: "Kip Walker" <>
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 15:15:07 -0700
Cc: Linux-MIPS <>
Organization: Broadcom Corp. BPBU
References: <>
Matthew Dharm wrote:
> I don't suppose anyone has a primer or white paper on the High Memory
> stuff?  i.e. Applications, requirements, or a quick HOWTO?

Well, the CONFIG option is at the bottom of the Machine Selection menu. 
With a fairly recent 2.4 or 2.5 kernel, it should build at work. 
Basically, if your firmware/boot code conveys info about regions above
physical address 0x1fffffff, the kernel will allocate "struct page"
entries for it, and add them to the pool of allocatable memory.  The
kernel gets at them by mapping them into Kseg2/Kseg3 temporarily.

turn it on, see what happens!  I haven't looked for a primer.


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