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[PATCH] Basic Indigo-2 EISA support

Subject: [PATCH] Basic Indigo-2 EISA support
From: Marc Zyngier <>
Date: 13 May 2002 16:01:27 +0200
Organization: Metropolis -- Nowhere
Hi all,

The included patch adds some very basic EISA support to the Indigo-2
(patch is against CVS from yesterday). It only supports
PIO mode at the moment, and enabling CONFIG_ISA crashes the
machine. Handle with care !

Anyway, I've been able to use an unmodified 3c509 driver (with a 3c579
card) on my 150MHz Indigo-2 for hours without problems :

lazy:/home/maz# dmesg|tail -4
eth1: 3c5x9 at 0x3000, BNC port, address  00 20 af eb 79 a3, IRQ 10.
eth1: Setting Rx mode to 1 addresses.
lazy:/home/maz# cat /proc/interrupts 
 10:      17556       IP22 EISA  eth1
 18:          0            MIPS  local0 cascade
 19:          0            MIPS  local1 cascade
 22:          0            MIPS  Bus Error
 23:    2534068            MIPS  timer
 25:      10615    IP22 local 0  SGI WD93
 26:          7    IP22 local 0  SGI WD93
 27:      32701    IP22 local 0  SGI Seeq8003
 31:          0    IP22 local 0  mappable0 cascade
 33:          0    IP22 local 1  Front Panel
 43:      17556    IP22 local 2  IP22 EISA
 44:          2    IP22 local 2  keyboard
 45:       1402    IP22 local 2  Zilog8530
ERR:          0

Summary of changes :

- Add 16 to all IRQ numbers, so we can insert EISA irq from 0 to 15
and keep existing drivers happy,
- Set io_port_base to 0x80000, which is where the EISA bus lives on
the IP22,
- Swap 32bits accesses to the IO space (16bits IO are handled just
fine... One more IP22 mystery),
- Add arch/mips/sgi-ip22/ip22-eisa.c, which implements the eisa
hw_interrupt_type, and programs the EIU in a mysterious way...
- Add CONFIG_IP22_EISA configuration option.


- Solve CONFIG_ISA crashes
- Add DMA

I'd be very happy if someone with EIU knowledge could enlight me with
details about the magic bits in ip22_eisa_init()... I'd also be glad to
receive any comment on this patch.



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Description: Indigo-2 Eisa patch

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