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RTC question

Subject: RTC question
From: Lanny DeVaney <>
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 16:52:39 -0500
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I've used the NEW_TIME_C method to implement support for the Dallas 1501 RTC in my MIPS port . I now successfully read the hw clock, and the date program works, and I can change the time.

However, the hwclock program tells me that it can't access the Hardware Clock and tells me that /dev/rtc doesn't exist (although it actually does) when running hwclock --debug. Also, I see an oddity that may be related - ping reports zero (as in 0 msec) round trip times always. I configured CONFIG_RTC into the kernel, and checked the major, minor of /dev/rtc on my embedded ramdisk. Also, I don't see /proc/driver/rtc. Is this normal behavior with NEW_TIME_C configurations? I've checked my rtc_get_time and rtc_set_time, ..., like I said, the 'date' program works, reading and writing to the clock.

Lanny DeVaney

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