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To: linux-mips <>
From: Tim Wu <>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 15:29:12 +0800
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Hi, everybody:
I'm working on porting Linux to a MIPS based processor whose IP is from Lexra's LX4189 processor.

I started my work from the linux MIPS port of Right now the kernel can boot and run some user applications well.

But I met a problem that once a process raises any kind of signal, kernel will send a SIGILL signal to the process which let the process stop.

I traced the kernel source and found SIGILL is sent by the exception handler, do_ri().

The problem is very weird because when I change to another crosscompiler or insert some asserting code to functions in signal.c. The kernel become unbootable. I hope someone can give me directions to solve this bug or tell me who already done Linux on Lexra?

kernel version:2.4.17.
toolchain: GCC 3.1 from
use new IRQ and new timer interface.

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