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Re: PCI ethernet cards

To: David Milburn <>,
Subject: Re: PCI ethernet cards
From: Kevin Paul Herbert <>
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 23:42:13 -0800
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At 5:29 PM -0600 3/26/02, David Milburn wrote:

Can anyone recommend some PCI 100 Mbit ethernet cards/drivers
that work well with the 2.4 linux-mips kernel?


I've used the tulip driver and a DEC21140-based ethernet adapter (proprietary) on rm7000/big endian. There are a few endian bugs (at least in 2.4.2) dealing with some debugging messages, but besides that the driver works just fine.

Note that the 2.4.2 tulip driver uses PCI I/O space. If you don't support PCI I/O space on your platform, this may be a problem. Later kernels have an option for using memory mapped PCI space, but I haven't tried that driver option yet.

I've also successfully used an i82543-based PCI adapter using the driver available on intel's website. This is a 10/100/1000 adapter. Again, the only changes that I needed were because of the proprietary nature of my platform's I/O interfaces; if you are using intel's adapter the driver should work for you out of the box.


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