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Re: Parallel Port support on Indy?

To: blaine <>
Subject: Re: Parallel Port support on Indy?
From: Ladislav Michl <>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 08:43:24 +0100
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On Tue, Mar 26, 2002 at 06:56:54PM -0800, blaine wrote:
> Hi there;
>   I've recently acquired an Indy, and I'd like to use it as my closet
> firewall/webserver/printer box. I've been able to install debian/woody
> without event, and the linux_2_4 tag from sgi's cvs compiles fine,
> giving me OSS sound support with the HAL2 and enabling the Vino video
enabling the Vino video does currently nothing.
> system. X came working out of the box...
> The only thing I *can't* do with the Indy is use the parallel port,
no support for it.
> which, in my case, is the most important thing... As far as I can tell
> from reading around, the Indy supports a standard SPP parallel port
SPP, SGIPP (SGI parallel port), HPBPP (HP BOISE high speed parallel
port) and Ricoh scanner mode. there are two modes of operation -
register and DMA.
> (plus a bunch of extra modes that haven't been implemented in linux,
> afaict), but has a different base i/o address in addition to having the
all IP22 peripherals are memory maped.
> data and control addresses at different offsets. I tried playing around
> with the constants in [header file that controls that stuff in
> include/linux], and managed to get the parport_pc module to stop causing
> a [non-fatal] kernel oops. Now it just says something is wrong. ;-)
aieee :-) Indy's PP is based on PI1 chip developed by SGI, so the only
way to get it work is write something like parport_sgi... patches
welcome :-)
> I would like to pursue fixing this, but being a student and not having
> any experience playing with low-level hardware or kernel hacking are
> conspiring against me. 
when i bring Indy to home i was in the same situation :-)
> Is getting parport support on the Indy a major undertaking, or are 
> there just a few tweaks that need to be made to existing drivers?
unfortunately you have to write your own driver.


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