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Re: BootLoader on MIPS

To: "Y.H. Ku" <>
Subject: Re: BootLoader on MIPS
From: Jun Sun <>
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 10:08:36 -0800
Cc: Marc Karasek <>,
References: <>
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Y.H. Ku wrote:

> Ya,
> I have traced the PMON code ( with NEC DDB5476 board 
> (linux package from Montavista),
> (LSI Logic' Software Support Package for MIPS processors version 5.3.33)
> However, though it seem clear that function "_go" of pmon/head.S transfer 
> control to client program
> by "j k0" (a exception)
> BUT I do not understand what information tha PMON transfer to LINUX-MIPS 
> I found the KERNEL's entry is "kernel_entry" of ~arch/mips/kernel/head.S.
> But, I can not find any information just like "board information" be 
> transferred well.
> where is it!?

"board information" is not transferred to kernel.  However, parameters you
pass (as in "go <param>") are passed in as standard C main argument style.
These are processed in arch/mips/ddb5xxx/common/prom.c file, i.e., held in a0,
a1 registers.

> using sp register with "j k0" command?

No. sp is not meaningful when kernel starts.

> where is the memory setting be transferred?

system ram size?  It is hardcode in ddb5476 code.  See
include/asm/ddb5xxx/ddb5476.h file.

> What MIPS LINUX needed!?

I thought you have montavista linux (probably hardhat 2.0?).

> (PPCBOOT to PPC-LINUX is clear with a board_info struct, initrd_start and 
> initrd_end ... and work well...

PPC booting is more regular than MIPS in general.  So they have a more uniform
 bootup process and structure.  MIPS have a lot of vendors who are usually
very creative.


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