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RE: BootLoader on MIPS

To: "Marc Karasek" <>, <>
Subject: RE: BootLoader on MIPS
From: "Y.H. Ku" <>
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 16:42:41 +0800
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Hi everybody,

I trace PMON into mips.S, and find the entry "_go".
the entry transfer control to client prog.

I am confused of what information PMON transfer to MIPS's BOOTLOADER
and transfer to which entry point of BOOTLOADER.

I found the bd_t struct of PPCBOOT.h for PPCBOOT package on POWERPC platform.
It is corresponding POWERPC-LINUX data structure bd_info in ~/include/asm/mbx.h 
(register r3~r7)

I just can not find the entry for MIPS's one. (can not find corresponding 
baget.h's one)

Could anybody tell me what is the information (register inforation) PMON 
to bootloader?

Or anybody can disscuss with me,

best regards,

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Subject: RE: BootLoader on MIPS

YAMON is prob the default right now.  It has support for loading a kernel
over tftp.  

I do not think it is OS though.  I maybe wrong, I will have to check the
source I have to see if it is or not.  I am currently adding  BOOTP support
to it, along with some other options.  If it is OS, then I will be providing
these back to the community.

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From: Y.H. Ku []
Sent: Friday, March 22, 2002 3:16 AM
Subject: BootLoader on MIPS

Hello there,

I am trying to porting Prom monitor code to
appropriate MIPS bootloader for loading Linux kernel

I ever make a test sucessfully with ppcboot's to load MBXloader
for transfering control to linux kernel (hardhat).

But I can not find the entry, and make decision what kind of BOOT LOADER
to use on MIPS platform.

I have the ddb5476 board type linux from montavista,
Could anybody give me some suggestion?


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