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Subject: Fw: Fw: Fw: hello
From: "David Christensen" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 21:24:37 -0800
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Hartvig Ekner <> wrote:
>> What host hardware platform(s) and host operating system(s) does MIPS
>> use to build their MIPS Linux distribution as found on
> We use commercial Redhat x86/Linux hosts with the cross compiler link
> I sent for kernel compiles. All the binary RPM's are directly from
> H.J.s miniport (which I believe is mostly crosscompiled), and then we
> added some of the nfs/cdrom installation scripts around all this. We
> only rebuild parts of userland (most often native) from the SRPMS when
> necessary for internal debug etc, but this is purely for debug, not
> re-distribution.
> All of H.J's binary RPMs for the userland and the corresponding source
> RPMs we used can be found at:

Great!  Thanks for all the help.  :-)


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