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Compiler problem in glibc

To: (user alias)
Subject: Compiler problem in glibc
From: Hartvig Ekner <>
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 11:52:15 +0100 (CET)
I have found a problem in glibc caused by the gcc-2.96-99.1 compiler
from H.J's miniport.

in the exp() function (file w_expf.c), there is code like: 

#ifdef __STDC__
        float __expf(float x)           /* wrapper expf */
        float __expf(x)                 /* wrapper expf */
        float x;
#ifdef _IEEE_LIBM
        return __ieee754_expf(x);
        float z;
        z = __ieee754_expf(x);
        if(_LIB_VERSION == _IEEE_) return z;

        if(__finitef(x)) {

(IEEE_LIBM is not set). Note that there are two function calls (ieee754_expf
and finitef()) followed by a FP if-statement (x>o_threshold). This 
translates into:

00400570 <__expf>:
  400570:       3c1c0fc1        lui     gp,0xfc1
  400574:       279cc090        addiu   gp,gp,-16240
  400578:       0399e021        addu    gp,gp,t9
  40057c:       27bdffc8        addiu   sp,sp,-56
  400580:       afbc0018        sw      gp,24(sp)
  400584:       e7b60030        swc1    $f22,48(sp)
  400588:       e7b70034        swc1    $f23,52(sp)
  40058c:       e7b40028        swc1    $f20,40(sp)
  400590:       e7b5002c        swc1    $f21,44(sp)
  400594:       afbf0024        sw      ra,36(sp)
  400598:       46006506        mov.s   $f20,$f12
  40059c:       afbc0020        sw      gp,32(sp)
  4005a0:       8f998630        lw      t9,-31184(gp)
  4005a4:       00000000        nop
  4005a8:       0320f809        jalr    t9              __ieee754_expf
  4005ac:       00000000        nop
  4005b0:       8fbc0018        lw      gp,24(sp)
  4005b4:       00000000        nop
  4005b8:       8f8388f4        lw      v1,-30476(gp)
  4005bc:       00000000        nop
  4005c0:       8c630000        lw      v1,0(v1)
  4005c4:       2402ffff        li      v0,-1
  4005c8:       46000586        mov.s   $f22,$f0
  4005cc:       1062002d        beq     v1,v0,400684 <__expf+0x114>
  4005d0:       4600a306        mov.s   $f12,$f20
  4005d4:       8f9986d0        lw      t9,-31024(gp)
  4005d8:       00000000        nop
  4005dc:       0320f809        jalr    t9              finitef()
  4005e0:       00000000        nop
  4005e4:       8fbc0018        lw      gp,24(sp)
  4005e8:       00000000        nop
  4005ec:       3c0142b1        lui     at,0x42b1
  4005f0:       34217180        ori     at,at,0x7180
  4005f4:       44810000        mtc1    at,$f0
  4005f8:       00000000        nop
  4005fc:       4614003c  $f0,$f20        Wow!!!!
  400608:       1040001e        beqz    v0,400684 <__expf+0x114>
  40060c:       4600b006        mov.s   $f0,$f22
  400610:       4500000b        bc1f    400640 <__expf+0xd0>

Note that the (from the FP compare) is done before the finitef()
value has been checked (beqz in 400608). This particular issue causes
the wrong setting of bits in the FPU SR in some cases (with exp(nan)),
and "make check" in glibc to fail.

BTW, the "make check" in glibc has so far turned up a few other items in 
glibc as well as in the kernel (FPU emulator), which are being fixed.


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