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Error loading shared libraries.

To: "MIPS/Linux List \(SGI\)" <>
Subject: Error loading shared libraries.
From: "Girish Gulawani" <>
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 10:32:30 +0900
Hello, all.
I know this is kind of weird problem at this point of time. I have a MIPS
board booted up with Linux 2.4.3 kernel. But it fails on the "init". I get
an error in the init process:

init: error in loading shared libraries cannot map file data: Bad file descriptor ...

The compiler used is EGCS 2.91.66, downloaded from the net. Such error is
seen while loading any executable. I have a statically linked shell running.
Basically I dont know where the problem is. Please help me.
Many thanks in advance.

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