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Fwd: [e-users] software patents in Europe

Subject: Fwd: [e-users] software patents in Europe
From: Jay Konrad <>
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 14:30:39 +0100
I think this is serious!

Yours Jay

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From: Grégoire Hubert <>
Subject: Fwd: [e-users] software patents in Europe
Date: 7.3.2002 11:36:38

Hello all,

Excuse me for this spam but this is important that all the free software
developpers know what is happening now.

The European Commission proposes to legalise the granting of computer
programs as such in Europe. This text disregards the opinions of most if
not all respected software developpers and economists, instead relies on
dogmatic statements about patents in general as well as some
unsubstantiatable claims and even some outright lies, citing as its only
source of information about the real world of software a study from BSA
(anti-piracy alliance dominated by Microsoft and a few other US vendors)
about the importance of copyright enforcement.

Associations like Eurolinux and french governement do not agree with such

European comission is apparently trying to understand (hope this is true)
what is the free software/open source community and if this is a good
thing to preserve free innovation rights in Europe. They put a
questionnaire on line dedicated to developpers that are involved in free
software/open source projects. Even if you are not European citizen,
please help us.

You will find questionnaire here :

Eurolinux :

I know this is not the right place to discuss about that but I do
everything I can to help community.

Thank you for attention,


"My religion is to live and to die without regrets"
Milarepa Rinpoche.

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