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Re: Questions?

To: Marc Karasek <>
Subject: Re: Questions?
From: "Steven J. Hill" <>
Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 12:20:38 -0600
Cc: Linux MIPS <>
References: <1015435541.3714.33.camel@MCK_Linux>
Marc Karasek wrote:
> How many of you are involved with embedded linux development using a
> MIPS processor?
A fair number of us. Over a hundred easily.

> What endianess have you chosen for your project and why?
You don't really want to start this holy war, do you? That aside,
usually big endian is more useful in applications moving networking
type traffic or a fair amount of graphics processing. Little endian
is handy if you are porting applications from Windows or a lot of
your software is written in little endian.

That's my $.02.


 Steven J. Hill - Embedded SW Engineer

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