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device support on indy WS !?

Subject: device support on indy WS !?
From: Andrea Venturi <>
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2002 13:12:01 +0100
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i just put my hands on a couple of old indy r4000 (quite old)

i installed so far a debian woody linux distro! amazing..

i'm wondering about the bunch of special features available on the indy, how much are supported?

1. audio hal2: i saw in the kernel the OSS hal2.* files; what about the guenther alsa0.9 port? is it finished? what about iec958 spdif support?

2. isdn: there is a siemens isac-s chip (BTW i didn't see the hscx twin): is it supported now? it should be not to difficult to leverage the ia32-isdn hisax (passive) isac driver _if_ the hpc3 delivers the irq? what do you think about it?


andrea venturi

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