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Changes to head.S

Subject: Changes to head.S
From: Rani Assaf <>
Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2002 18:50:49 +0100
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I'm  working  on  support  for  IDT  RC32355  CPU  on  a  board  we're
developping and  when trying to port  my code to a  recent snapshot of
the cvs  tree (up  to now,  I was using  a snapshot  dated of  dec 15,
2001),  the kernel  crashed at  boot  while starting  the init  thread
(unaligned access).

Looking at the diffs, I noticed  that putting back the following lines
at  the end  of head.S  (they've  been removed  in revision
resolves the problem:

 * Align to 8kb boundary for init_task_union which follows in the
 * .text segment.
                .align  13

Any idea why they have been removed?

BTW,  print_memory_map()  (in  kernel.c)  now uses  long  long  format
without casting (which obviously gives wrong numbers on 32bits archs).


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