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Problem Cross compiling simple test program

Subject: Problem Cross compiling simple test program
From: Wayne Gowcher <>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 08:59:02 -0800 (PST)
In-reply-to: <>
I am trying to cross compile a simple "Hello World"
use app. I have the rpms (obtained from sgi site ) for
binutils-mipsel-linux-2.8.1-2 and
egcs-mipsel-linux-1.1.2-4 installed. I first started
using redhat 6.1 available on the sgi website and
extracted the glibc libraries from 


/usr/mipsel-linux/lib &

When I compile my little test app using the following
it compiles OK and when executed on the MIPS target it
prints out "Hello World" on cue.

mipsel-linux-gcc -o hello hello.c

I wanted to use the redhat 7.0 distribution on sgi, so
I backed up the include and lib directories of
/usr/mipsel-linux and cleaned them out, then extracted
the redhat 7.0 glibc libraries. I then compiled the
same hello user app, but this time the app won't even
link and gives me the error :

/usr/mipsel-linux/lib/ __libc_enable_secure:
invalid version 6 (max 5)
/usr/mipsel-linux/lib/ could not read
symbols: Bad value

Note, I hand edit /usr/mipsel-linux/lib/ to
reflect the path to /usr/mipsel-linux instead of /lib
and /usr/lib.

Note if I go back to the backed up dirs I can still
compile hello.c.

I used the following files to extarct the glibc
libraries :

I use the following simple script to extract libraries
in both cases :

--start script---
mkdir tmp
cd tmp

# fileone=glibc-2.0.6-5lm.mipsel.rpm
# filetwo=glibc-devel-2.0.6-5lm.mipsel.rpm


rpm2cpio ../$fileone | cpio --extract
rpm2cpio ../$filetwo | cpio --extract

cp -a usr/include /usr/mipsel-linux

cp -a lib/* /usr/mipsel-linux/lib
cp -a usr/lib/* /usr/mipsel-linux/lib

cd ../
rm -fr tmp

cd /usr/mipsel-linux/lib
ls -l | grep "../../lib" | sed 's|../../lib/||' | awk
'{print "ln -sf", $11, $9 }' | tee fixit

sh fixit
rm fixit 

--- end of simple script ---

So that's what I am doing, and I would really
appreciate if anyone on the list could answer my
questions :

1, To cross compile target apps for redhat7.0, I do
really need to cross compile against the glibc-2.2.2
libraries don't I ? Could I get away with compiling
against the glibc-2.0.6 libraries ?

2, Has anyone managed to cross compile user apps
against redhat 7.0 ? If so how did you do it ? Please
give details.

3, Can anyone see anything wrong in what I have done
and if so, can you tell me what and where ?



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