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Help about loading the kernel from host PC to board

Subject: Help about loading the kernel from host PC to board
From: "Samiran S" <>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 17:08:26 +0530

Hi all ,

I had the whole set up of MIPS Malta board with its linux OS ,

1) how can I start Linux on that board ?

I got that monitor program ( YEMMON)

I set the IP addrs. and related things. For loading the linux kernel I am using

load tftp://<ipaddrs of host pc>path of vmlinux

then it is not loading that kernel , it is giving some error it is given below

YAMON> load tftp://
About to load tftp://
Press Ctrl-C to break
Diag  : Host returned: ErrorCode = 1, ErrorMsg = File not found
Hint  : Check TFTP-server: file-existence, directory/file-attributes

if any body can help please reply me


**** Info cpu ****

Processor Company ID = 0x01 (MIPS Technologies, Inc.)
ProcessorID/revision = 0x80(MIPS 4Kc) / 0x01
Endianness = Little
CPU/Bus frequency =80 MHz / 4 0 MHz
ICACHE size = 16384bytes
ICACHE linesize = 16 bytes
ICACHE associativity= 4-way
DCACHE size = 16384bytes
DCACHE linesize = 16 bytes
DCACHE associativity = 4-way
TLB entries = 16 ~ ~ ~ ~

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