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Re: MIPS, i8259 and spurious interrupts.

To: Scott A McConnell <>
Subject: Re: MIPS, i8259 and spurious interrupts.
From: Dominic Sweetman <>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 10:49:02 +0000
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Scott A McConnell ( writes:

> I have been trying to track down and resolve a spurious interrupt
> problem. I have attached some output and the code used to generate it in
> i8259.c.

Part of your problem may be write buffer hell.

Whatever you do to clear the interrupt when you've done with it
involves writing to the 8259 controller.  It's probably a long way
away - probably through a PCI bus to a simulated ISA bus.  Somewhere
along the line the writes will be 'posted'; your CPU is fast, so when
your CPU emerges from its interrupt routine the write may not have
reached the 8259 yet, and you'll get a spurious interrupt.

The code which switches off the interrupt at the 8259 should probably
be equipped with a 'barrier' call to some system function which waits
until the write has really happened.

Then 8259s are ugly things which have some very CPU-specific
interactions with x86 CPUs.  In a non-x86 context you need to
initialise them in particular ways.  

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