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Adding code to the tree...

To: "Ralf Baechle" <>, "Linux-MIPS" <>
Subject: Adding code to the tree...
From: "Matthew Dharm" <>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 17:38:59 -0800
Importance: Normal
So, I'm porting Linux to our latest board... and I've got this pile of
new code, and I'm itching to check it in somewhere.  It's not perfect
yet, but the board definately starts to come up, and the Symbios
53c875 driver can probe and identify devices on the SCSI bus.... so
I'm thinking that I'm doing pretty well here.

So, if I send this code as is, will it be accepted into the tree?  Or
do I have to wait until it's completely finished before I send it?  I
can see arguments either way, so I'm guessing it really comes down to
Ralf's personal preferences...


P.S. Is there any way to get permission to make CVS commits, or should
everything be done via Ralf?  I've got another 2 designs behind this
one which will all get Linux ported to them...

Matthew D. Dharm                            Senior Software Designer
Momentum Computer Inc.                      1815 Aston Ave.  Suite 107
(760) 431-8663 X-115                        Carlsbad, CA 92008-7310
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