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Re: indigo2 video

To: Timothy Daly <>
Subject: Re: indigo2 video
From: Mat Withers <>
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 11:20:58 +0000
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Timothy Daly ( wrote:
> Hi all. :)  
> AFAIK, none of the SGI graphics cards for the indigo2 are yet
> supported by linux or X.  However, it recently struck me, these
> machines have EISA slots.  It might be pretty straightforward to use
> an old EISA card like an ATI Mach32 instead.  Sure, it's not as cool
> as an Impact card, but it's perfectly adequate for emacs.
> Is this a good idea? How would you estimate the effort involved?

I was also wondering this. On the intel architecture EISA slots also supported 
ISA cards. Is this also the case on the Indigo 2 ? or are the EISA slots a bit 
more "non-standard".

Just a thought



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