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gcc-2.96-99 optimization bug?

Subject: gcc-2.96-99 optimization bug?
From: Atsushi Nemoto <>
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 19:37:31 +0900 (JST)
Organization: TOSHIBA Personal Computer System Corporation
I found gcc 2.96 (gcc-2.96-99.1.mipsel.rpm in H.J.Lu's RedHat 7.1)
outputs wrong code for this short program.

int foo(unsigned long long a, unsigned long long b)
        int as, bs;
        as = a >> 63;
        bs = b >> 63;
        if (as != bs)
                return as || !(b << 1);
        return (a == b) || as;

int main(int argc, char **argv)
        return foo(0, 0xffffffffffffffffull);

This program must return 0.  But compiling with -O2 it returns 1 !!

# gcc -O -o foo foo.c;./foo;echo $?
# gcc -O2 -o foo foo.c;./foo;echo $?

Output wth -O -g are:

00400780 <foo>:
  400780:       3c1c0fc0        lui     gp,0xfc0
  400784:       279c78b0        addiu   gp,gp,30896
  400788:       0399e021        addu    gp,gp,t9
  40078c:       00804021        move    t0,a0
  400790:       00a04821        move    t1,a1
  400794:       000917c2        srl     v0,t1,0x1f
  400798:       00402821        move    a1,v0
  40079c:       000717c2        srl     v0,a3,0x1f
  4007a0:       10a2000d        beq     a1,v0,4007d8 <foo+0x58>
  4007a4:       00001821        move    v1,zero
  4007a8:       14a00008        bnez    a1,4007cc <foo+0x4c>
  4007ac:       00004021        move    t0,zero
  4007b0:       00071840        sll     v1,a3,0x1
  4007b4:       000627c2        srl     a0,a2,0x1f
  4007b8:       00641825        or      v1,v1,a0
  4007bc:       00061040        sll     v0,a2,0x1
  4007c0:       00621025        or      v0,v1,v0
  4007c4:       14400002        bnez    v0,4007d0 <foo+0x50>
  4007c8:       00000000        nop
  4007cc:       24080001        li      t0,1
  4007d0:       03e00008        jr      ra
  4007d4:       01001021        move    v0,t0
  4007d8:       15060003        bne     t0,a2,4007e8 <foo+0x68>
  4007dc:       00001021        move    v0,zero
  4007e0:       11270003        beq     t1,a3,4007f0 <foo+0x70>
  4007e4:       00000000        nop
  4007e8:       10a00002        beqz    a1,4007f4 <foo+0x74>
  4007ec:       00000000        nop
  4007f0:       24020001        li      v0,1
  4007f4:       03e00008        jr      ra
  4007f8:       00000000        nop

Output with -O2 -g are:

00400780 <foo>:
  400780:       3c1c0fc0        lui     gp,0xfc0
  400784:       279c78b0        addiu   gp,gp,30896
  400788:       0399e021        addu    gp,gp,t9
  40078c:       00805021        move    t2,a0
  400790:       00c04021        move    t0,a2
  400794:       00a05821        move    t3,a1
  400798:       00e04821        move    t1,a3
  40079c:       000b17c2        srl     v0,t3,0x1f
  4007a0:       000927c2        srl     a0,t1,0x1f
  4007a4:       00001821        move    v1,zero
  4007a8:       1044000a        beq     v0,a0,4007d4 <foo+0x54>
  4007ac:       00002821        move    a1,zero
  4007b0:       14400006        bnez    v0,4007cc <foo+0x4c>
  4007b4:       24050001        li      a1,1
  4007b8:       00091840        sll     v1,t1,0x1
  4007bc:       000827c2        srl     a0,t0,0x1f
  4007c0:       00641825        or      v1,v1,a0
  4007c4:       00081040        sll     v0,t0,0x1
  4007c8:       00621025        or      v0,v1,v0
  4007cc:       03e00008        jr      ra
  4007d0:       00a01021        move    v0,a1
  4007d4:       15480003        bne     t2,t0,4007e4 <foo+0x64>
  4007d8:       00001821        move    v1,zero
  4007dc:       11690003        beq     t3,t1,4007ec <foo+0x6c>
  4007e0:       00000000        nop
  4007e4:       10400002        beqz    v0,4007f0 <foo+0x70>
  4007e8:       00000000        nop
  4007ec:       24030001        li      v1,1
  4007f0:       03e00008        jr      ra
  4007f4:       00601021        move    v0,v1

It seems one 'bnez' in good code (at 4007c4) was lost in bad code.

Is this a know problem?  If so, is there any patches available?

Thank you.
Atsushi Nemoto

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