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Re: A linuxthreads bug on mips?

To: "H . J . Lu" <>
Subject: Re: A linuxthreads bug on mips?
From: Scott A McConnell <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 09:22:42 -0600
Cc: GNU C Library <>,
References: <>
"H . J . Lu" wrote:
> Here is a modified ex2.c which only uses one conditional variable. It
> works fine on x86. But it leads to dead lock on mips where both
> producer and consumer are suspended. Is this testcase correct?

H. J.,

I ran the program on the PC and a MIPS le NEC vr5432. It worked fine on
both machines.

I do not run the pthread library on the SGI site because it dead locks.
I rebuilt the pthread lib natively on my MIPS box and use that lib in
place of the lib provided in the RPM on the SGI site.
(I suspect it is a cross compilation problem rather than a problem in
the pthread lib.)

I believe others have also posted about deadlocks with the pthread lib
on the SGI site.


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