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Re: ide dma in latest cvs

To: Gerald Champagne <>
Subject: Re: ide dma in latest cvs
From: Vivien Chappelier <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 12:33:43 +0100 (CET)
In-reply-to: <>
On Mon, 21 Jan 2002, Gerald Champagne wrote:

> - blk_rq_map_sg() is called to build a list of blocks to be transferred.
>    It sets address = NULL for every entry (other fields like "page" are
>    set to valid values).
> - dma_cache_wback_inv(addr, size) is called for each block entry.  This
>    routine crashes because the address parameter is always set to zero
>    when the routine is called.
> I see that this is part of the new bio code recently added.  Should I expect
> this code to work, or is it not yet working for the mips platform?

I've encountered a similar problem on O2. You can probably fix it by
adding the code for handling pages in 
pci_map_sg/pci_unmap_sg/pci_sync_sg. This is what I've done for ip32 and

 unsigned long address;

   address = sg->address;
   address = page_address(sg->page) + sg->offset; 
 dma_cache_wback_inv(address, sg->length);

Vivien Chappelier.

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