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Re: linux on o2

To: Jeff Utter <>
Subject: Re: linux on o2
From: <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 16:59:56 -0500 (EST)
In-reply-to: <1011650057.2261.7.camel@funk>
I need a DRI guy.  Badly.  FB should be compleate or at least sorta
working by the 29th, MACE ethernet is working, sound and AV support has
yet to be started.  The pci slot is questionable, and right now the scsi
support seems to have some issues.

On 21 Jan 2002, Jeff Utter wrote:

> Wow, nifty. i hope your able to get that working... Also, i know that
> it's not completed yet but what's the status on X for the o2?
> > It's starting to shape up.  I'm hopeing to put out an install CD image by
> > the 29th of this month, but that may be hopelessly optimistic.
> >     Nick
> > 
> > On 21 Jan 2002, Jeff Utter wrote:
> > 
> > > Hey, i was just wondering the status of linux being ported to the 02? is
> > > there any success yet?
> > > 
> > 

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