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Re: usb-problems with Au1000

To: Kunihiko IMAI <>
Subject: Re: usb-problems with Au1000
From: Pete Popov <>
Date: 18 Jan 2002 11:49:09 -0800
Cc: linux-mips <>
In-reply-to: <>
References: <> <> <> <1011294123.4550.58.camel@zeus> <>
> > It's the comment that's wrong, not the code. The code works and has been
> > tested.  Alchemy makes available the Linux Support Package (LSP) which
> > we did. That kernel has been tested with all peripherals so I would
> > recommend that you get that from them.  Also,make sure your jumpers are
> > setup correctly (S4).
> In the source code:
>       sys_clksrc |= ((4<<12) | (0<<11) | (0<<10));
>       (snip...)
>       outl(sys_clksrc, CLOCK_SOURCE_CNTRL);
> This code sets the clock source of USB host controller is FREQ2.  So
> FREQ5 clock source doesn't affect to USB host controller.

After looking into it, both the comment and code are correct. From

#define FQ_CNTRL_1                0xB1900020
#define FQ_CNTRL_2                0xB1900024

So FQ_CNTRL_1 corresponds to what is now sys_freqctrl0. In other words,
the update to the databook has not been incorporated into the Au1000
files. The names of the registers were updated after I had done all the
core work. I need to update the code so the names of the registers
correspond to the latest Au1000 manual.

Since the boards we have do work with USB and there were some usb
hardware glitches, please check with Alchemy on what the problem might
be with your board. 


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