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IndyCam software

Subject: IndyCam software
From: James Mclean <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 16:09:00 +1030 (CST)
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Howdy, I have an SGI Indy currently running Irix 6.5.?, with an IndyCam. There 
is currently some corrupt software, which is causing the camera not to work. 

I have been hunting for a copy of Irix, but was unable to find one as of yet. I 
have been suggested NetBSD, but did not know what IndyCam support was like and 
decided to stick with Irix for now. 

Now that I hear that SGI is supporting a port of Linux to the mips, is there 
any chance that there is support for the IndyCam, or software to view the video 

I am interested in dual booting with Irix also, but first would like to 
establish if there is any preliminary support for the IndyCam before installing 



James Mclean

"Windows didn't get as bad as it is overnight -- it took over ten years of 
careful development."

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