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Re: LTP tests / Crash :)

To: Florian Lohoff <>
Subject: Re: LTP tests / Crash :)
From: Zhang Fuxin <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 8:58:15 +0800
Cc: "" <>
hi,Florian Lohoff,

 i have noticed that a while ago and send ralf and fix,he
make his own fix in current cvs.

 My ltp runs turns out a number of failures,the one worry me
most are the filesystem corrupts(mmap write?),but i had no time
to follow them currently.

在 2002-01-11 00:49:00 you wrote:
>i am just trying to run the LTP (Linux Test Project -> 
>on a 2.4.16 SGI/Indy and it seems to crash reproducable :)
>tag=getpeername01 stime=1010706641
>On 2 different machines - Running both 2.4.16 Debian/Sid and
>Debian/Woody - I will try to gather the oops - But it seems we should
>take the LTP for regular regression tests :)
>Crashes are:
>Kernel unaligned instruction access in unaligned.c:do_ade, line 397
>Unhandled kernel unaligned access in unaligned.c:emulate_load_store_isns, line 
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            Zhang Fuxin

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