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RE: linux on keyboardless system

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Subject: RE: linux on keyboardless system
From: Marc Karasek <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 08:30:12 -0500
What are you using for init?  Is it busybox by chance.  If so there was a
bug in a past version that would cause this.  It had to do with not setting
CREAD properly I believe.

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Subject: linux on keyboardless system


I'm tried booting linux 2.4.3 on my prototype system which does not have
a keyboard and a monitor. I used the uart as my serial device and passed on
the console=ttyS0(com1 in my pc) to the kernel. I can see the shell prompt
after the kernel
bootup but not able to enter anything after that.

So how can I use my pc keyboard to send characters to my uart?
I think I'm missing something here.
Can anyone give me some hint?
Thankyou in advance...


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