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RE: general linux question

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Subject: RE: general linux question
From: "Siders, Keith" <>
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 12:21:10 -0600

Thanks for the quick reply...

Well, rcs looks like a source control system, which _would_ allow me to
create revision history files, but I was hoping that a file carried its
version number in a file header, like the superblock structure, for quick
access without having to create more files. This is a flash memory system,
so storage constraints and access performance reign supreme. Not to mention
that I'd have to include rcs as part of the distribution, taking up more
memory in the flash file system.


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-> Subject: general linux question
-> > I need to track versions
-> > of all files in the system (embedded, flash-based, no disk media)
-> Maybe use rcs?
-> Regards,
-> Brad

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