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Re: [Linux-ia64] [PATCH][RFC][CFT] remove global errno from the kernel,

To: Lennert Buytenhek <>
Subject: Re: [Linux-ia64] [PATCH][RFC][CFT] remove global errno from the kernel, make _syscallX kernel-only
From: Andreas Schwab <>
Date: 31 Dec 2001 14:11:31 +0100
In-reply-to: <> (Lennert Buytenhek's message of "Sun, 30 Dec 2001 22:05:00 -0500")
References: <>
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Lennert Buytenhek <> writes:

|> What I would like to know from each architecture team:
|> - What is your arch's policy on userspace usage of asm/unistd.h, and
|>   consequently, what is your opinion on the goal these patches
|>   aim for?

I very much appreciate the removal of the _syscallX macros.  FWIW, the
ia64 version of these macros never worked in userspace anyway.

|> - Are the changes I made in [1] and [2] for your $arch technically
|>   correct?

The m68k changes look ok.

|> Please CC me on replies as I'm not on any of the lists posted to.
|> My intention is to push these to Linus for 2.5 if everyone agrees.
|> They're probably too intrusive for 2.4 (although I'd love people
|> to convince me otherwise).

I wouldn't mind putting it into 2.4.


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