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To: Geert Uytterhoeven <>
Subject: Re: ISA
From: "Maciej W. Rozycki" <>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 14:39:55 +0100 (MET)
Cc: Alan Cox <>, Jun Sun <>,, Linux/MIPS Development <>
In-reply-to: <>
Organization: Technical University of Gdansk
On Thu, 20 Dec 2001, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:

> >  Well, as I stated in another mail (but in another thread, I think) you
> > may try request_mem_region(virt_to_phys(ioremap(...))), especially as you
> > really want to reserve an area in the CPU's physical address space and not
> > in the bus's one.
> So we must update all existing drivers that use ISA memory space anyway.

 Not many of them calls request_mem_region()...  Not that it is good. 

> IMHO still better to add isa_request_mem_region() while we're at it, so we can
> solve this in an arch-specific way. Ia32 can still say
>     #define isa_request_mem_region    request_mem_region

 And then "<bus>_request_mem_region" for every new bus supported??? 

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