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RE: 2.4.16 on mips-malta, networking fails...

To: Dinesh Nagpure <>
Subject: RE: 2.4.16 on mips-malta, networking fails...
From: Justin Carlson <>
Date: 14 Dec 2001 17:02:59 -0500
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On Fri, 2001-12-14 at 16:49, Dinesh Nagpure wrote:
> Isn't passing ip= command line boot option sufficient for this?
> I mean I sure will have ifconfig and route in the root but for now all I
> want is to make things work.
> Dinesh

Passing ip= on the command line should work if you are giving it good
information, but the best way to really see what's going on will be to
use ifconfig and route.

In honesty, I'd not realized ip= existed until you mentioned it and I
looked at the code.  Learn something new every day.   :)


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