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Re: No bzImage target for MIPS

To: Krishna Kondaka <>
Subject: Re: No bzImage target for MIPS
From: Pete Popov <>
Date: 13 Dec 2001 17:10:40 -0800
Cc: linux-mips <>
In-reply-to: <>
References: <>
On Thu, 2001-12-13 at 16:47, Krishna Kondaka wrote:
> Hi,
>       There is no "bzImage" target in the mips linux Makefiles. Could
>       you tell me why this is missing? If I want to generate a 
>       compressed image for linux on MIPS, how do I do it?

Download the linux-mips drop-in tree from Take a look
at arch/mips/zboot.  The only zImage support in that directory is for
the Alchemy Pb1000 board.  That's one way to do it and I basically
copied it from the ppc tree. You'll have to do some work to add support
for whatever board you want, but the example should be sufficient, if
you're a developer. If you're a casual user, unfortunately you're out of


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