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the cause of spurious interrupt problem

To: Chris Dearman <>
Subject: the cause of spurious interrupt problem
From: Zhang Fuxin <>
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2001 20:54:47 +0800
Cc: "" <>

days ago you said,
>  The spurious interrupts are caused by posted writes to PCI devices. 
>The sequence is usually something like:
>  o write device to clear interrupt (write gets posted)
>  o enable CPU interrupts (interrupt is still pending)
>  o CPU enters interrupt handler and reads 8259 which causes posted
>    to be flushed and so now there is no interrupt...
>  The only fix is to do an explicit PCI (eg ISA port) before reenabling
>interrupts.  The 2.4.x kernel reenables interrupts more quickly than the
>older kernel which is why it is more noticeable.
I am trying to find a better way to work around according to your analyse 
these days.But things are not working as expected at all.If spurious 
interrupts are caused by posted writes,then define SLOW_DOWN_IO
or even REALLY_SLOW_IO in io.h should help; or,from bonito manual,
i find read pciMSTAT register can ensure write is actually performed.
but they all failed.
  Then all at a suddenly i find the REAL reason: the way we use to
determine which interrupt happens has severe flaw.That code simply
does this:
       isr = inb(0x20);
       irq = ffz(~isr); /* found first non zero bit,*/
       if (irq == 2) {
           isr = inb(0xa0);
           irq = 8 + ffz(~isr);
 In fact this interrupt is probably not triggered by IRQ'irq'.the 
IRR register  has multiple bits set!On x86(including some non-x86 platform),
the interrupting vector is fetched from the controller via bus,
so it is accurate. But p6032 does not provide us such a vector
and we use the above and fail:(

 Most popular sequence should look like this:
        irq A happens,
            mask A,send EOI
                    IRQ B happens(A<B)
                      because A hasn't been serviced,the IRR bit for A
                      is still set,our code report A irq happens!
                        ---> oops,spurious interrupt happens
                service A
i have make a patch,now it leaves kernel/i8259.c untouched and working
well(previous inb(0x60) hack suffer from characters lost).I have updated
patch on my site.Pretty simple,just skip irqs with IRQ_INPROGRESS set.

  Also i notice that after new patch,all interrupt should be programed into
edge trigger mode(with level trigger mode i've seen a IRQ7 spurious interrupt 
and the machine locked up during boot).
  Am i right?

            Zhang Fuxin

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