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Re: Serial Console on Malta broken?

To: Marc Karasek <>
Subject: Re: Serial Console on Malta broken?
From: Ralf Baechle <>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 14:52:26 -0200
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On Fri, Dec 07, 2001 at 11:15:39AM -0500, Marc Karasek wrote:

> I will try it as soon as I can.  I also did some snooping and found that
> the exception handler was not even getting fired.  It was getting the
> two interrupts (36, 38) but no other "exceptions/interrupts" at all. 
> Even spurious ones...  It looked to me like the i8259 was locked up or
> waiting for something.  I put back in the old stuff.  (Carsten sent me
> the old malta_int.c and a patch file) And that works.
> Just a thought but, in looking at the two codes (old/new) the old one
> seems to be more applicable for an embedded system.  In that it treats
> the interrupt controller as a set of registers.  I know that it really
> is a i8259, but most people will not put a southbridge in there embedded
> design.  They are more likely to have a fpga or asic that handles the
> interrupts.  In using the Malta as a reference design and linux as the
> RTOS it might be better to have the old code for porting.  As it will
> probably be closer to the what the embedded design will be. 

If you're going to use a legacy i8259 interrupt controller it'll almost
certainly reside on ports 0x20 / 0xa0 like the original controllers in
the PC.  Now, from a software point of few the i8259 is a pain in the
lower part of the body so you better stay from it anyway.

Any other interrupt controller can easily be plugged into the interrupt
handling.  Take a look at arch/mips/kernel/i8259.c's structure.  Basically
all it does is filling in a number of entries into the irq_desc[] array
for interrupts 0 to 15, most important for understanding is the
struct hw_interrupt_type i8259A_irq_type.  It contains the name of the
interrupt handler and a bunch of methods to enable, disable etc. an
interrupt.  Almost all the complexity is handled in hardware that way
and code to support a particular interrupt controler is easily reusable,
i8259.c being the primary example.  Another example would be the
Momenco Ocelot which mostly uses the RM7000's internal interrupt

The old code was such a pain in the a** to maintain that removing support
for it was one of the first things I did for 2.5.0 and I won't accept any
patches for 2.4 that use the old style interupt handling for new systems.


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