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Cross Compiler again

Subject: Cross Compiler again
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 10:08:44 +0100

For my environment I need a compiler that supports dwarf debug information.
Sadly my precompiled version does not have this support so I tried it on my
own, using Bradley D. LaRonde's  HowTo. 
All went well but I had to learn that GCC 3.0.1 is not able to compile a
current kernel. So I tried version 2.95.3, but I ran into the same problem
that I had last time I tried such a thing. When compiling glibc the process
failed because of a missing -D__PIC__ option. I was told that this has to do
with a non-MIPS compiler that is used, but the compiler used is my previous
build static version of gcc. 
I don't know what else may be wrong or where to look. Can anybody enlighten

Or has anybody a precompiled gcc with dwarf support for download (That is
able to compile a current kernel, of course. ;-) )?

Best regards
Andre Messerschmidt

Application Engineer
Infineon Technologies AG

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