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Re: DECStation framebuffer support

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Subject: Re: DECStation framebuffer support
From: Guo-Rong Koh <>
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2001 9:07:45 +1030
I couldn't get it to work either. My problem is that my monitor is
fixed sync to support the PMAGB-B card. It can't do the signal from
the maxinefb. I also tried an option "video=maxinefb:off" so it
wouldn't probe the card that was a no go either.

Unless I get a monitor that supports it, I may _have_ to use a serial
console ...

>I didn't succeed in getting that to work, my advise would to try it
>with the on-board video.
>> BTW, thanks for responding, none of this documented anywhere.
>Oh yes it is, do a grep maxinefb on the 1999 mail archive available
>http://home.zonnet.berg56/ and you see it was discussed in june... 

Hmm.. you're right! I only searched back to the Jan2000 archives but
now I realise that fb support has been around since 1999, my bad.


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