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Re: DECStation framebuffer support

Subject: Re: DECStation framebuffer support
From: Richard van den Berg <>
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 16:53:37 +0100 (MET)
In-reply-to: <>
On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, Guo-Rong Koh wrote:

> I have just decided to try getting Linux running on my DECStation
> 5000/25 (currently running NetBSD). I succeeded in cross-compiling a
> 2.4.12 kernel from an i686 Linux box. My main aim is to get the
> framebuffer working.
> To test the kernel I dumped it on the NetBSD root and hit "boot
> 3/rz0/vmlinux".
> This gets me to "This is a Personal DECStation 5000/xx" then stops.
> Any suggestions as to what I should do next?
> Framebuffer support for all the framebuffers has been compiled in. The
> question is: To what extent does the kernel support console on
> framebuffer?

The kernel should support console on framebuffer, it once did. With the
on-board video the kernel needed 'video=maxinefb:on' as a kernel option,
dunno if that's still the case. You only have the on-board video, no
second video controller?


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