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vmalloc bugs in 2.4.5???

To: <>
Subject: vmalloc bugs in 2.4.5???
From: "machael" <>
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 15:34:44 +0800
    I use linux-2.4.5 and I think VMALLOC may have some bugs which i don't
know how to fixup.
    I try to replace some kernel functions with my own implementations.I
will explain it in the following:
    Let's say:
        void (*my_func)(void)=func1;
     where "my_func" is a function pointer defined in kernel, and "func1" is
 a function(void func1(void)) implemented in kernel.And "my_func" is an
 EXPORTED SYMBOL in mips_ksyms.c.

    Now I want to replace "func1" with my own "func2" in a module
     extern void (*my_func)(void);
     my_func = func2;
     where "func2" is a function (void fun2(void)) implemented in

     If I do "insmod my_module.o", the kernel should run OK. In fact, it is
 often met an "unhandled kernel unaligned access" or "do_page_fault"
 exception and then panics.

     We know "func1" should be in KSEG0(unmapped , cached) ,So it's address
should be 0x8XXXXXXX.And "my_func" should also pointed to this same address
before inserting
 my_module.o.  "func2" should be in KSEG2(mapped, cached) since it is
 implemented in module, So it's address should be 0xCXXXXXXX.After inserting
 my_module.o, "my_func" should be changed to pointed to this new address in
 KSEG2. But kernel panics......
    If I change "module_map()" in include/asm/module.h from vmalloc to
kmalloc, kernel runs ok after inserting my module. So I think vmalloc may
have some bugs.

    Anyone knows how to fixup it?


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