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Re: cross development tools

To: Kristof Vanbecelaere <>
Subject: Re: cross development tools
From: Jim Paris <>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 10:57:14 -0500
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> A while ago H.J. Lu adviced to use -march/-mtune instead of -mcpu
> options. But I wonder which front-end you need to use? It looks like
> gcc-3.0.2 lists the option as a target-specific one but does not
> accept it when you pass it.

I use gcc-3.0.2, which as you say does not support -march, but I found
that with the latest binutils + the new -march/-mipsN patch at

     -mips2 -wa,-m4100,--trap

does a good job of letting the compiler generate mips2 while still
letting me use 4100-specific instructions in inline assembly (for

> Also, I notice the compiler in H.J.'s port is something like
> gcc-2.96.something. Assuming this is also the version of the
> cross-compiler, how come I don't see this release on the official gcc
> web page? How do his tools relate to the gcc releases?

I think the general background is something like this:
- GCC released gcc-2.95, so their CVS incremented to 2.96
- RedHat distributed the CVS version of GCC, and called it gcc-2.96
- GCC incremented their CVS version again to 2.97 to attempt to 
  clear up the confusion
- RedHat's version maybe incremented to 2.97 at some point?

RedHat always throws on a ton of patches on top of released stuff,
and H.J. added lots more MIPS-related patches, so his port is basically
a CVS snapshot + tons of general and MIPS-specific patches.

I once went through the trouble of extracting the RPM and building
a .tar.gz that included all of the patches, but it didn't seem to
behave any differently from my point of view than gcc-3.0.2, so I'm
using that instead.  I can send you this .tar.gz if you'd like.


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