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Re: "relocation truncated to fit"

Subject: Re: "relocation truncated to fit"
From: Ryan Murray <>
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 10:42:05 -0800
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On Mon, Oct 29, 2001 at 09:08:10PM +0100, Peter Andersson wrote:
> Hi, i am trying to compile mozilla 0.9.5 on my indy running mips/redhat 
> linux 7.0 and get hundreds of messages telling me "relocation truncated to 
> fit: R_MIPS_GOT16". Does anyone know how to get around this? I tried to add 
> the ld flags -G O but without success.

0.9.5 should have a -Wa,-xgot section in the makefile for linux/mips, like
netbsd/mips has.  If it doesn't, you'll need to pull that change from cvs.

You'll also need to ensure that libgcc.a and libc_noshared.a are also built
with -Wa,-xgot

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