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First attempt to install Linux on my Indigo 2

Subject: First attempt to install Linux on my Indigo 2
From: Mat Withers <>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 13:06:59 +0100
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I've been subscribed to the list for quite a while but am just about to try 
installing Linux on my Indigo2 (R4400SC / 128Mb RAM) for the first time.

I want to try H J Lu's port of Radhat 7.1. I've read the the howto at, have set up a tftp server a bootp 
server an nfs server and have made up a working serial cable. Now having 
browsed I am unsure what to do 
next. I assume I will need a kernel image and a root filing system to nfs mount 
but can't see anything resembling them on the ftp site.

I have a spare 4Gb scsi disk that I want to attempt the install on. I assume 
that once I have got the machine booted using an nfs root I can partion the 
hard disk - somehow install the RPMS on it and then use dvhtool to get my SGI 
to boot from the hard disk.

Is this all feasible ? has anyone got any hints or gottcha's ?

Thanks in advance for any help




Mat Withers
phone/fax: +44 07092 375299
"a sarcasm detector, *that's* a real useful invention."

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