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Re: VisionClick debugger with Linux kernel

To: Jeff Harrell <>
Subject: Re: VisionClick debugger with Linux kernel
From: Gerald Champagne <>
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 11:26:53 -0500
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Thanks for the response.  I just found the problem last night.  Their
convert utility was screwing up on files that had module_init and
module_exit routines in them, even though it wasn't compiled as a module.
I fixed it by replacing the __init and __exit macros with nothing so
the code is placed in a normal .text segment.


Jeff Harrell wrote:
Gerald Champagne wrote:

    Has anyone used the Wind River VisionClick debugger with the Linux
    I'm using this debugger and works great except it thinks that the
for some files start at address zero instead of the proper offset. Has anyone
    else seen this and were you able to get it to work?  I'm using the
    latest tools

    I can't find any differences between the files that work and the
    files that
    don't work and the symbols look correct in the file.

    Yeah, I'm working with Wind River, but I haven't gotten a solution yet.
    You know how that 8-5 centralized corporate support is though. :)



We are using a VisionIce debugger from the linux-mips kernel, although I am using the MontaVista Hardhat 2.0 tools. I am able to load the symbols after they have been generated from the Convert utility. It seems to work fine except for modules...haven't had much luck with that. Had to get a patch to view TLB mapped memory properly


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