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Re: MIPS PC - anyone?

To: "James Simmons" <>
Subject: Re: MIPS PC - anyone?
From: "Kevin D. Kissell" <>
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 09:55:30 +0200
Cc: "Volker Jahns" <>, "Jun Sun" <>, <>
References: <>
> > 2.2 or 2.4, is the necessary configuration in fact generally
> > available?  Last I heard, which was some months ago,
> > it required a PS2 configuration that was only available
> > in Japan.
> This is true. Well this month they made available another PS2 
> configuration in germany. Luckly the company I work for has people going
> back and forth to Japan.

I'm based in France, but should be in Germany this week
for a conference.  If there's a PS2 available there that is
capable of running the Linux port (and capable of booting
up in something other than German and Japanese!),
could someone please let me know the specific PS2
model to look for, and how I could get my hands on the
Linux release???

            Kevin K.

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