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Re: Need an account on a Linux/Mips box

To: Guido Guenther <>
Subject: Re: Need an account on a Linux/Mips box
From: Kristoffer Gleditsch <>
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2001 17:47:48 +0200
Organization: Millennium Hand And Shrimp Society
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[ Guido Guenther ]

> Toolchain update problem - recompiling fixes this. I've put recompiled
> debs at:

Thanks, they seem to work fine.

Concerning the other R4600 issues: Our R4600 Indy has 11 days of
uptime now, and Bind 9 is still running fine.  When I switched back to
ssh from ssh-nonfree just now, the calls to update-alternatives in the
prerm-file segfaulted repeatedly.  I'm trying to gather the patience
to debug it now.  :)


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