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test machines; illegal instructions

Subject: test machines; illegal instructions
From: Jim Paris <>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 22:12:23 -0400
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Anyone looking for test machines?  My dorm has three unused SGI
machines sitting in the basement, and I'd be willing to dump a kernel
on them and plug them into the network if anyone here is looking to do
some testing or whatnot.  I don't know much about SGIs, but here's
what they tell me (or what I can gleam from looking at them):

Crimson: IP17, R4000 50 MHz (R4010 FPU), 64MB RAM, GR2-Elan graphics, 
         two 1.3 gig drives, one currently has Irix 4.0.5
Indigo2: Aqua, IP22, R4000 100 MHz, ~192MB RAM, some beefy graphics
         card, no drive but I could spare at least a gig (or 60 over NFS)
Indigo2: Purple, IP22, R4400 250 MHz, 128MB RAM, High Impact graphics,
         one 2 gig drive, CD-ROM, currently has Irix 6.2 or so


On an unrelated note, my Vadem Clio project is halted again, this time
with frequent SIGILLs.  In particular, GCC 3.0.1 (and latest CVS)
crashes (in cc1), and 'rm' crashes unless I disable the 'check for
infinite recursion' code.  (the problem also goes away if I add some
debugging printf()s, sometimes).  A cross-gdb on my PC doesn't seem to
like core files, and I haven't had much luck getting gdb to run
natively, so I'm running out of ideas for how to debug this.  Anyone
seen anything similar?  It's quite possibly a buggy cross compiler
just generating buggy binaries (GCC 3.0.1 on the PC, with glibc 2.2.4)
but I thought others were using this compiler just fine.

(Running a somewhat hacked 2.4.5-ish Linux-VR/Linux-MIPS kernel, with
sysmips patches as recommended by Maciej)


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