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Re: Need an account on a Linux/Mips box

To: Raoul Borenius <>
Subject: Re: Need an account on a Linux/Mips box
From: Kristoffer Gleditsch <>
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 18:24:17 +0200
Organization: Linpro AS, Oslo, Norway
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[ Raoul Borenius ]

> Does it run without any problems?

Apart from sshd (OpenSSH), which started dying from SIGFPE (floating
point exception, whatever that means :) a few days ago, it's working

> What kernel (with what patches?)  are you running. I'm having
> troubles running our R4600-Indy:

We're running 2.4.5 from CVS (~ 2001-08-08) with the sysmips-patch,
self compiled with gcc 2.95.4.

(If you're interested, both the kernel and the patch can be found at

> - Perl is seg-faulting (especially when a perl-script is calling
> another)

Hm.  It's not entirely unusual for dist-upgrades to segfault in
various pre- and post-installation scripts.  That doesn't happen very
often, though, and it seems to be the same packages every time
(e.g. zsh), so I'm not sure whether it is a Perl problem or not.  I'll
try to take a closer look at it next time it happens.

> - bind9 hangs after a few days

I installed bind9 on the development box now, to see if I can
reproduce it.

> - occasionally the box just stalls and returns to the bootprom 
> - sometimes it just dies and we have to power-cycle it

Apart from xdm, which oopses all our Indys, I have seen very few
crashes like this on the various Indys I use.  They are great X
terminals.  :)


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