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recent gdb add-symbol-file problem?

To: <>
Subject: recent gdb add-symbol-file problem?
From: "renc stone" <>
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 17:17:07 +0800
Cc: <>
hi ,
 I use gdb 20010919 source form,
 target mipsel, host i386 box.

When I want to use this to debug some module of linux-mips kernel ,
trouble comes:

When I use the add-symbol-file command to add the symbols of module,

add-symbol-file mymodule.o 0xc001e060
gdb echos no problem,
but it seems to be confused:
the command
b my_func1
b my_func2
b my_func3

all show the same address, all the functions starts from ONE place?
I checked the address, it's the text section start address of this module.
Can't the gdb  correctly read the elf file of mipsel ?

 Any ideas?  Or anyone who have done this  please tell me how to get through
it .

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