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kgdb with linux-mips problem

To: <>
Subject: kgdb with linux-mips problem
From: "Shaolin Zhang" <>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 10:42:08 +0800
Cc: "Ernest Jih" <>, "\"recc stone\"" <>
Reply-to: "Shaolin Zhang" <>
Hello ,

  Now we have some problems in using kgdb to debug the Linux-mips kernel on IDT 
79s334A board.

1.I enabled the kernel startup option kgdb=on to debug the kernel setup.
  At first, the gdb on host pc connected to the target boards correctly.
  Then I use a few "n"(Next) command to debug the kernel, but the kernel
 to run out of my hands, as if I had executed some "c" command.
  I use "set debug remote 1"  command to see the packets gdb send&receive:
  and find :
   the gdb send a "c" packet to the stub at the end of packet sequence.

  I guess that the gdb on the host pc send some wrong command , or it can't
get right info
  to debug?

2.I want to debug some init_module function in module , like this :

int init_module(void)
    breakpoint(); // use the breakpoint function in kernel to get a break.

When I insmod this module, it through exception 9 (breakpoint), then I run
command in gdb, but this time gdb report "can't find the start of function
Is this a gdb problem or gdb stub problem? BTW, when I first bootup the
and connect the gdb&stub ,the sample problem happened.

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