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Re: pcmcia (again)

Subject: Re: pcmcia (again)
From: Pete Popov <>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 00:06:44 -0700
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Jim Paris wrote:
Am I misunderstanding something here?  Is there some simple way to get
the PCMCIA driver to use isa_slot_offset when checking and
requesting memory regions?  I tried adding that offset to the
check_mem_resource, request_mem_region, and release_mem_region calls,
and changing all of the readx/writex() calls to isa_readx/isa_writex(),
but things still don't work right.


The main problem was that I had subtly broken the ioremap function
while trying to update the linux-vr tree to 2.4.5ish.  Doh!

A second problem is that the pcmcia drivers needed to add
isa_slot_offset when calling {check,request,release}_mem_region
-- but the readx/writex calls do _not_ need this offset added.
(So this must be handled by the ioremap.  I still don't fully
understand when or where this remapping is done, but I know it's

And it works!

This means that I now have a working 2.4.5 kernel on my Mobilon Tripad
(aka Vadem Clio) with a functional compact flash and wireless ethernet
card.  I'm quite happy.  Now I just need to build some binaries.

Pete, thanks for your help; it pointed me in the right direction.

Good to hear that you found the problems. If your patch to use isa_slot_offset doesn't get accepted, you might want to try to figure out if there's any way to limit your changes to your board's specific files. That way you won't have to carry patches around from one kernel version to another. I think this is now the second mips board with pcmcia support.

BTW, I have a LE ramdisk which runs linuxrc, loads pcmcia drivers, starts cardmgr, and exits. The kernel then mounts the real root fs which is /dev/hda1 in my case (pcmcia ata card). Let me know if you need it.


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